Cheap tech can support keep track of exercise

For numerous several years, I would journey my age in miles on my birthday which…

For numerous several years, I would journey my age in miles on my birthday which comes all over once again next week. This yr, I’m not prepared for that extended a trip, but I may experience it in kilometers, which nevertheless provides up to more miles than I have ridden in a prolonged time.

Larry Magid, freelance technological know-how columnist of the San Jose Mercury News is photographed on Friday, Oct. 21, 2011 in San Jose. (Gary Reyes / Mercury News) (Gary Reyes / Mercury News)

I employed to journey a smooth and successful road bicycle, but just after an incident a several many years ago that essential surgical treatment to fix a broken elbow, I have switched to a heavier hybrid bike with wider tires and common (not clip-on) pedals. My hybrid bike, which I’ve owned for numerous many years, is pretty reduced-tech, but I just upgraded it with a Xoss G GPS enabled bike laptop or computer for the shockingly low price of $29.90. It is not as advanced as some of the substantially far more expensive units like the $399 Garmin Edge 830, but it does monitor my distance and velocity, and it is unbelievably effortless to set up. Contrary to previous-fashioned bike desktops that don’t depend on GPS, you don’t have to have to set up a sensor on your wheel or convey to it the diameter of your wheel, since it receives its area and length info from GPS satellites. Variations of this and other GPS pcs that also evaluate cadence (revolutions for each moment) do have to have a wireless sensor on the wheel hub.